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- Relationships
o Mother: N/A
o Father: Terah
o Daughters: none
o Sons: Ishmael, Isaac
o Brothers: Nahor, Haran
o Sisters: None

- Likes and Interest
o Activities: praying to God and fulfilling His will
o Interests: Learning about God
o Music: None
o Books: Tanakh
o Movies: None
o Television: None

- Education and Work
o High School: None
o College/University: None
o Employer: None

ALBUM 1: Preparing to sacrifice my son Isaac
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ALBUM 2: Abraham praying

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ALBUM 3: Abraham random

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GROUP 1:jewstalk3
- I joined this group because Abraham is the man in history who Jews claim their heritage to be based on. Abraham was the founder of Judaism. Some say Abraham was even the founder of monotheism. Jewstalk3 is a blog where many Jewish people can discuss their faith and it’s beginnings.

- I joined this group because Abraham was thought to be one of the great prophets of Islam. Islam is called one of the three Abrahamic religions. Abraham’s son Ishmael is an important Islamic figure and many Arab people are his descendents. Overall, Abraham was considered as a central figure in the Islamic belief .
GROUP 3: angelinspirations
- I joined this group because angels spoke to and influenced Abraham and his family on different occasions in his life. When Abraham was about to fulfill Gods wish to sacrifice his son Isaac, an angel appeared before him to tell him to stop. An angel also appeared before Abraham’s wife and told her she would bear a son in her old age. This group was a good group to join because Angles have been a big influence in Abraham’s life.
GROUP 4: WORDofGOD_DailyBread
- The reason that Abraham can be associated with a Christian group is because he is viewed as the father of the Christian religion. It is through his blood lines of Isaac that Jesus Christ was born. This web site discusses the Christian bible. Abraham is referred to many times throughout the book.
**Jews** **for** **Jesus**
- This a great group to represent Abraham because it shows how two faiths can merge. Abraham is a Jew who fathered Christianity. This illustrates how a Jew can be for Jesus into their religion. Many people hold onto their ethnicity while altering their faith but Abraham seemed to embrace these altercations.

Because Abraham was willing to offer the largest sacrifice of his son, this group is relevant. Many people sacrifice things in their life for good. Others sacrifice for less noble reasons. Either way, sacrifice is life altering. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his own son to God so Abraham has direct connections to this group.
GROUP 7: eternal_prayer_council
- The eternal prayer council discusses the importance of prayer in your life. Abraham was a big believer in prayer. He prayed for himself and his family all the time. He prayed for the well being of others and he prayed continuously for God’s assistance. Abraham prayed multiple times a day so this group has a direct relationship with Abraham.
GROUP 8: FaithfulOrganizers
- Faithful organizers is a group that helps companies share their faith. Abraham would be interested in this because he shared his faith with others. He was often ridiculed or shunned for his beliefs. This group is perfect for Abraham because of his faithful ways.
GROUP 9: **Marriage** **Advice**
- This is a group where people visit to get marriage advice. Abraham struggled in his marriage to Sarah. When she was angry at him for having a child with Hager, perhaps he would have benefited from this group. It is geared to helping married couples which is a perfect match for Abraham and his wife.
GROUP 10: **Old** **Age**
- Because Abraham was over 100 years old, this would be a great group for him to join. They could give him helpful hints on how to age gracefully. They could assist with his death and who to leave his belongings to. They could help him deal with his aging body.

QUIZ 1: How do you deal under pressure?

Part-time freak outer...
- Under most circumstances Abraham was faithful to God but there were several occasions that caused him to “freak out” just a bit. When his elderly wife could bare him no son, he doubted God and took matters into his own hands. Later, when his second son was finally born, God asked Abraham to kill this child. Needless to say, there were moments of complete panic before Abraham gave into God’s will and prepared to murder Isaac.

QUIZ 2: what is your spirit?

tree.. O.o
- This quiz was relevant to Abraham because he was a very spiritual person. The quiz result says that his mind was his armor. Abraham would give that responsibility to God who influences his mind. Abraham was believed to be wise and many people followed him as an example of how to lead a Godly life. His spirituality was tested by God as well.

QUIZ 3: Are You A Leader Or A Follower?

- Abraham was the ultimate of all followers in that he followed God’s orders by his faith. Although today a follower is looked down upon as a negative, when one follows God, it can only be perceived as a good thing. Abraham followed even the “craziest” things God asked of him. He exemplified how a follower could be strong if following the right lead.

QUIZ 4: How far would you go for a friend?

You don't quit.
- Abraham shows that he went as far as he could go to prove his loyalty to his friend, God. He was willing to kill one of his sons in order to obey his friend/God. He also went out of his way to help his nephew Lot and even prayed to God on Lot’s behalf. Abraham also left his home town at the request of God.

QUIZ 5: What Do Others See You As?

- Many people had a hard time understanding Abraham. He was a godly man who followed every instruction given to him by God. Many people may have seen him as crazy. Others saw him as a faithful witness.