Great Picture Of Me

Basic Information

o I'm living in Santiago, Chile.

o I was born in Valparaiso, Chile.

o I am a Male.

o I was born Nov. 25, 1915.

o I am really into socialism because full control is the only way to monitor the population and keep them out of trouble. As a matter of fact, on Sept. 11, 1973, I became the military dictator of Chile.

o I am a Roman Catholic.

o I was born on November 25, 1915 in Valparaiso, Chile, to descendents of French settlers who had come to Chile. My dad worked for the government and I went to military school when I turned 18. I graduated as a Sub-Lieutenant and quickly rose in rank even though Chile was not at war.I lectured at the War Academy for periods of time and authored five different books on politics and warfare. By 1968 I had been promoted to Brigadier General. I was promoted again to commander-in-chief of all Chilean armed forces on August 23, 1973. That was a great day! In about twenty day I had taken over Chile! The stupid people who promoted me sure regretted it... I stepped down as President in 1990 but I still ran the Chilean army and I was given the position senator for life. In 1998 I went to England for some medical treatment and unfortunately I was arrested for torture and violating human rights in concentration camps 20 years before. I definitely didn't do it, but before I could be put on trial I became too sick. My surgery to fix my heart had too many complications and the pacemaker failed. I outsmarted them!! Then more charges were pressed in 2006 that included more human rights violations from when I was President of Chile so I had to do something drastic. I died.(December 10th, 2006)

o “During 65 years, I have walked the path of duty and discipline, ... And today, looking back at that long path of service, my soldier's heart stirs and murmurs from deep within: Thank you. Thank you, my homeland.” -Me
I like to hear my own voice so this is my favorite quote.


o Mother: Avelina Ugarte Martínez

o Father: Augusto Pinochet

o Daughters: Inez Lucía Pinochet, Maria Veronica Pinochet, and Jacqueline Marie Pinochet

o Sons: Agusto Osvaldo Pinochet and Marco Antonio Pinochet

o Brothers: Unclear

o Sisters: Unclear

Likes and Interest

o Activities: I like to deceive the government, play golf, avoid the authority and I am actively taking part in death.
o Interests: I am interested in taking classes on communism because I am always looking for ways to improve myself.
o Music: I like to listen to death metal bands like Gorgoroth, or God seed. I like music that sounds like just screaming it reminds me of my favorite activities......
o Books: I like to read mystery suspense horror books like Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris.
o Movies: My favorite movie is Psycho which came out in 1960 and a close second being The Exorcist which came out in 1973. Great movies. True masterpieces.
o Television: I don't like to watch a lot of television but when I do I love to watch MMA because people beat each other up.

Education and Work

o I went to high school at Rafael Seminary, Valparaiso and Rafael Ariztía Institute, Quillota
o I went to college at Military School, Santiago.
o I was employed by the government until I took over. Then I was employed by myself!


Pre Dictator




During Dictatorship





Post Dictatorship






1) Psychopathsgroup


I joined this group because I was arrested for torture and violating human rights. I want to meet people like me because then it will help me get ideas on how I should act in my next life. It says it is for psychopaths so I will fit in perfectly considering my reputation. I also am very good with giving advice on how to be a psychopath.

2) Psycho 1960 and 1998 Remake


This is a fan club for my favorite movie so I had to join. I really enjoyed this movie because it showed people suffering and I thrive on that kind of stuff. The 1998 remake was not as good as the original but I could not find one for only the original. I wish my life could be like that movie in every way because I already have some of it.

3) AugustoPinochet: A Tribute to a Great General


I had to join this group because it is a group all about me and its a TRIBUTE to a great general which happens to be me as well. All of these people miss me dearly and I wish I could come up from where I am and visit them all. If I were still in power I would let all of these people have government money like that one time..... This group fits me perfectly because it is me.

4) Democracy Human Rights


I joined this so that I will be educated in what human rights are so I can break them. If I do not know what they are how am I supposed to make peoples lives miserable? Also, I was forced to learn them by my lawyers so that if I did end up going to court I would not have too many issues. I always find it funny to see people try to spread awareness of human rights because it never works.

5) Martial Arts History


I joined this group because I love fighting. I never turn away from a fight and actually, I am always looking to get into one. When I watch TV I watch MMA so this is perfect for me. Also, I am a history junkie.

6) Commielove


Well since most of my ideas are communist ideas I have to credit this group for compiling them all into one web page. I absolutely love communism because it's complete control for he government, like me, and it feels great to command such power. If I died and went to heaven I would have turned it communist. That is how much I love communism.

7) Joy of Satan 666


I had to join this because he is my current ruler so I felt like I needed to be loyal. As a matter of fact, I am having coffee with him tomorrow so hopefully he appreciates me joining this group. I'm afraid to see what he would do if I did not join the group. I'm just being safe by joining.

8) Roman Catholic News


I am a Roman Catholic myself so I like to stay in the loop. I feel as though this group gives the best, most up to date information there is to offer. I no longer go to services because I am dead but if I were still alive to would be taking part in weekly ventures to church. I feel bad for anyone who is not Roman Catholic.

9) AK47 Guns


I think that this gun is my favorite piece of equipment I have ever used in my entire life. If I didn't have them then I would not have gained power because I would have been waiting for this gun to be made. It is so good that I would have given up power just to wait for it. Therefore I joined this group.

10) Blenders


Before I took over Chile I had a nice big smoothie that I made in my brand new blender. It was a pizza hamburger smoothie that I concocted myself and it was delicious. If I had not made my smoothie my whole coup would have failed miserably. I am grateful to blenders.


1) What kind of novel are you?

answer: Horror

This is perfect for me because I like to read about horrible things that scare people. I get great ideas when I read these books so it makes perfect sense that I am one. I also think that these books are the best because it reminds me of my glorious past when I was in charge of Chile. If my life were a book, which I'm sure it is, it would be a horror novel.

2) What is your superpower?

answer: The power to manipulate, create and destroy mater. This power is not to be messed with or elese something horrible might happen. Be wise with it.

If I had this power i could be the ruler of the world not to mention I would just blow up the people who tried to bring me to court. One question was what would I give a friend as a present and I answered a heavy metal CD. This would have made my "work" much easier. Theoretically speaking, if I did torture people, this would help me make it even worse which I like.

3) Which feeling are you?

answer: Violet Sensation

I have no idea what this means but if I had to guess I would say it was dark and malicious. That fits me perfectly considering I was arrested twice for violating human rights even though I didn't do it. Also, I lead a military coup which gave me the complete control of Chile and made me president (dictator). I worked in a concentration camp so my heart is pretty much lead.

4) How strong is your friendship?

answer: You don't have a strong friendship.

This is very true because I tend to stab my friends in the back, literally! I deceived the whole Chile government and abused my power as general in the first twenty days. I hate people and abuse their rights constantly and did I mention I was arrested for that? In general I have no friends unless they were scared of me.

5) Are you a leader or a follower?

answer: Leader

Obviously I am a leader. I took over a country with my own two hands and maintained absolute control. Even after I resigned I was granted Senator-for-Life! There is no doubt that I am a leader.