Ban Ki Moon
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- Basic Information
o Current City: New York/South Korea - I travel a lot
o Hometown: Eumseong County, Chungcheongbuk-do, Japanese Korea.
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: June 13, 1944
o Political Views: Private
o Religious Views: Private
o Bio: I was born on June 13, 1944. I was born in Eumseong, but my family later moved to Chungju which is where I was raised. My father had a warehouse buisness, but it went bankrupt, which led our family out of our Middle-Class standard. When I was six, we fled to a far away mountainside and stayed there throughout the Korean War. Once the war ended, we moved back to Chungju. I attended Chungju High School and excelled in academics, especially in English. I met my wife when we were both in high school and we now have three children. In 1962, I wrote an essay which won me a trip to live with a host family in San Fransisco. During my stay, I met the President of the United States, John F Kennedy. I recieved my BA in International Relations from Seoul National University in 1970. I earned my Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University in 1985. As soon as I graduated from university, I entered the diplomat service. My first position was in New Delhi, India. I was a diplomat for South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the UN. I was the Foreign Minister for South Korea from January 2004 to November 2006. Starting in February 2006, I began to campaign for the position of Secretary-General. At first, it was a long shot for me to win the position. However, I visited many countries that were members of the UN Security Council, which made me the front runner.On October 13, 2006, I was elected to be the eight Secretary-General, and I was sworn in on January 1, 2007. I have led many reforms regarding peacekeeping and UN employment. On April 22, 2009, I waas awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta. In October 2009, the University of Washington honored me with the same degree. In addition to speaking Korean, I also speak English, French, German and Japanese.
o Favorite Quotations: "You are about to take over the most impossible job on earth." -Trygve Lie, the first Secretary-General
"A smile is the beginning of peace." -Mother Teresa
Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, bu a means by which we arrive at that goal." -Martin Luther King, Jr

- Relationships
o Mother: Unknown
o Father: Unknown
o Daughters: Seon-yong, Hyun-hee
o Sons: Woo-hyun
o Brothers: Names unknown, I have five younger siblings
o Sisters: Names unknown, I have five younger siblings
- Likes and Interest
o Activities: Keeping peace, speaking French, English, German, Japanese and Korean
o Interests: UN affairs, world affairs, English
o Music: Japanese pop and Korean pop
o Books: War and Peace, An Unfinished Life: John F Kennedy, 1917-1963, United Nations: The First Fifty Years
o Movies: Lost Boys of Sudan, MASH, The Bridge at Toko Ri
o Television: The news
- Education and Work
o High School: Chungju High School
o College/University: Seoul National University 1970
Harvard University 1985
o Employer: The UN

Photos (15 photos; 5 in each album)
ALBUM 1: Me!
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ALBUM 2: Addressing the UN

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ALBUM 3: I love the UN!
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Click here to find a group to join! You must join 10 groups from this site and this site only!!
GROUP 1: mun-e-news
- EXPLANATION MUN stands for Mock United Nations. This group has info on the Mock UN trials that highschools and colleges hold. I like to see what topics and information MUN does and uses. I also enjoy seeing young people showing an interest in the United Nations.
GROUP 2: UnitedAsians
- EXPLANATION This group is for people from all of Asia. I was born in Japanese-occupied Korea, so I know two asian cultures. I am proud to be a South Korean and I show that pride. I also want to talk to other people about their Asian pride and heritage.
GROUP 3: renobuddhistchurch
- EXPLANATION This group is for buddists. I do not talk about my religious views because of my high position in the UN. However, my mother was a buddist. I joined this group in honor of her.
GROUP 4: SouthAsia_CapacityDevelopmentInitiative
- EXPLANATION This group shares news about devlopments in South Asian countries. It also shares news about important strides South Asians have made. I like to keep up with the developments that are going on in my home country, South Korea. The group also talks about my accomplishments and I enjoy hearing other's opinions on things I do.
GROUP 5: korean-war
- EXPLANATION The Korean War had a large impact on my life. My family had to hide in the moutains throughout the duration of the war. On our way back to the city after the war was over, I saw many American troops. This group is dedicated to remembering the Korean War. I want to Korean War to be remembered by all.
GROUP 6: world_peace_movement
- EXPLANATION This group is dedicated to world peace. One of the UN's goals is to have world peace. As a key person in the UN, world peace is one of my largest focuses. I hope to spead the world peace movement to everyone.
GROUP 7: rescuedarfur
- EXPLANATION This group is a movement to help darfur. Although I try not to take political sides, I have strong feelings about Darfur. I talked to the president of Sudan to convince him to let troops help people in Darfur. Saving Darfur is very important to me.
GROUP 8: dafurdiscussion
- EXPLANATION This group has discussions about everything that is going on in Darfur. I want to be able to discuss the events in Darfur with others. As I said before, Darfur is very important to me. I want to spread this cause to many people.
GROUP 9: ttcalifornia
- EXPLANATION Although I was not born in California, it is very important to me. I wrote an essay which won me a trip to stay with a host family in San Fransisco. During this trip, I got to meet President John F Kennedy. I also told reporters that I wanted to be in the diplomatic field. This trip helped form me into the person I am now and I want to keep up with what's going on in San Fransisco.
GROUP 10: HarvardJobs
- EXPLANATION I got my masters degree at Harvard. I like seeing where fellow alumni have ended up working. This group also has suggestions of where alumni can get jobs. I like keeping up with the success the alumni will have in life.

Quizzes Click here to find a quiz to take!
You must take at least 5 quizzes from this site and this site only!!
QUIZ 1: Which Country of the World are You?
- EXPLANATION I am slightly suprized at this result. I didn't think that I was like a communist country. I think I may have gotten this because China is a strong country that can make decisions without excessive help. Working for the UN has made me a strong person that does not hesitate to act.
QUIZ 2: What kind of leader are you?
- RESULTS Socialist leader
- EXPLANATION I am not too surprized about this. I do like some of the aspects of socialism and there are some I don't like. Socialism isn't evil or corrupt, so I don't mind this result. As long as I'm not a terrorist, I'm fine with my result.
QUIZ 3: What's your magic power?
- RESULTS Your power is Earth
- EXPLANATION I agree with this result. The quiz says that Earth can give life and heal. In a way, I aim to give countries a new life and heal them. If the UN and I can help a country become stable, it is like giving them new life and healing them from their old life.
QUIZ 4: Which Feeling Are You?
- RESULTS Misty Secrecy
- EXPLANATION I suppose this result is accurate in a sort of round about way. I have to be secretive about my personal views on certain things. I can't be too bias about politics or religion. I have to take a neutral postion and hide any and all biases.
QUIZ 5: Are you a caring person?
- RESULTS You are a very giving person!
- EXPLANATION I agree with this result. I try to help countries solve their problems and keep the best intrests of their citizens in mind. I worry about human rights infringments and help the people who have suffered from that. Because of my job, I give advice and set an example for many people; some of them are involved directly with the UN and others are regular citizens who look to me for advice