Chandragupta Maurya

- Basic Information
o Current City: N/A
o Hometown: Magadha
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: 340 B.C.
o Political Views:
o Religious Views: Vedic Hindu; Jain
o Bio:
Chandragupta Maurya was born in 340 BC in the Magadha Empire. His mother was named Mura, however, it is unknown who his father was. Not much is known about Chandragupta’s early life.It is recorded in Greek sources that when Chandragupta was young, he met Alexander the Great, who later was his inspiration for power, charisma and glamour of violence. Later, Chandragupta was exiled by the Nanda king in Magadha.Soon after, he revolted against the Nandas occupying Magadha in the Punjab. He was successful in overthrowing the king and gaining power in Magadha. With this major victory, the Maurya Empire was created. Chandragupta extended his empire, stretching it from the Indus River to the Ganges River. During his time as ruler in the Maurya Empire, Alexander the Great’s successors made their way into his territory. They brought a large army to the Indus valley and defeated Chandragupta. This new, smaller area of land ruled by Chandragupta is recognized as the first Indian state.

During Chandragupta's life, he was a great ruler of India. He led the Maurya empire from 320 BC to 298 BC, when he died at age 42 from fasting. Throughout his rein as king, he was often very paranoid about his enemies. Naturally as king, he has many enemies due to constant disagreements between neighboring areas and different wars that occurred. In order to assuage his paranoia, Chandragupta hired a personal guard of female Indian Amazon warriors to protect him. He also never slept in the same bed more than two nights in a row and hired a food taster to test his food for poison before he ate it.
While he ruled the empire, his main advisor was a man named Chanakya, also known as Kautilya.Chandragupta met Chanakya before he defeated the Nandas and built the Maurya Empire. Chanakya’s guidance helped Chandragupta successfully lead his people. Furthermore, with Chanakya's help, a record of the Maurya empire under Chandragupta and his rule was written down in a book called Arthashastra. This book mainly focuses on Chandragupta's ideas about how to get and maintain the prosperity of an empire. How well a ruler can remain in power depends on the seven pillars of power, which are: the king's personal quality, the quality of his ministers, the wealth of his provinces, the wealth of the main city, his treasury, his army and his success in gaining allies. As he lived by these seven pillare, Chandragupta was a very successful leader.

o Favorite Quotations:
  • "My enemy's enemy is my friend."
  • "The biggest guru-mantra is: Never share your secrets with anyone. It will destroy you."
  • "As soon as the fear approaches, attack and destroy it."
  • "Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous."
  • "A man is great by deeds, not by birth."

- Relationships
o Mother: Mura
o Father: unknown
o Daughters: unknown
o Sons: Bindusara
o Brothers: unknown
o Sisters: unknown

- Likes and Interest
o Activities: aquiring new territories, war, adventures
o Interests: organizing, conquering, adventures
o Music: metal/rock and classical
o Books: The Art of War, by Sun Tzu; Arthashastra, by Chanakya; War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy; Julius Ceasar and Macbeth, by William Shakespeare
o Movies: Indiana Jones, Alexander, 300
o Television: Flashforward, V, Survivor

- Education and Work
o High School: none
o College/University: none (however, he was taught by Chanakya (also known as Kautilya), who later became his advisor when Chandragupta built and ruled the Maurya Empire)
o Employer: none, he overthrew the Nanda empire, drove Alexander's sucessors out of India and built the Maurya empire (ruled from 320 to 298 BC)

ALBUM 1: Hinduism

ALBUM 2: Chandragupta, Friends and Family

ALBUM 3: Maurya Empire



Groups Click here to find a group to join! You must join 10 groups from this site and this site only!!
GROUP 1: Vedic Wisdom
This group would be very interesting to Chandragupta because for most of his life, his religion was Vedic Hindu. This group would discuss the importance of the Vedas, which is an important text in the Hindu religion. Hindus believe that the Vedas contains the eternal truths. By becoming a member of this group, Chandragupta would be able to discuss his beliefs and the important aspects of Hinduism with fellow Hindus.
GROUP 2: Jain Friends
After following the religion of Vedic Hindu, Chandragupta later followed the religion of Jainism. It is said that he died fasting at the age of 42 years old. As a new follower to this branch of religion, Chandragupta would be able to meet other Jainists by joining this group. He could learn the specific rules and guidelines by which Jainists live by.
GROUP 3: Vegetarianforum
Chandragupta would be interested in this group because at the end of his life, he became a Jainist. Jainism is a religion where the followers avoid harming any living creature. As a result, they are vegetarians. Because Chandragupta was a Jainist, he was also a vegetarian.
GROUP 4: mhp Napoleon
Chandragupta Maurya would be interested in joining a group about Napoleon because Napoleon and Chandragupta had similar interests. While Napoleon was interested in taking over the world, Chandragupta worked to expand his empire in India. He ruled over a vast empire for many years.
GROUP 5: alexandersarmy
Legend says that when Chandragupta was a young boy, he met Alexander the Great. He admired him for his leadership and military skills. Later, Chandragupta set out to create his own empire, just as Alexander had done before him. Both Chandragupta and Alexander had similar interests, including war and ruling their people.
GROUP 6: kingof thebattle
Chandragupta Maurya joined this group because he was king of the Maurya empire in India. He is also the creator of the Maurya empire. He was an active leader in overthrowing the Nanda dynasty in order to build his empire. He is interested in battle tactics and ruling his people.
GROUP 7: Weapons
Chandrgupta Maurya was very interested in war and conquering territories. As a result of his interest in war and conquer, he would also like to learn about weapons. In order to conquer new territories, he would have to have advanced weapons and training to have the advantage over his enemies. Joining a group about weapons would help Chandragupta learn about the new weapons and thereby provide his armies with the latest in weapons technology in order to conquer new lands and expand his empire.
GROUP 8: Survival Defense
Chandragupta was very paranoid throughout his life. He believed that his enemies were going to sneak up on him and kill in some way. As a result of his paranoia, he hired body guards to protect him. He also had a person responsible for testing his food before he ate it in order to ensure that it was not poisoned. Chandragupta would join this group because, despite all his protection, he would also want to learn how to protect himself.
GROUP 9: Advanced Yoga Practices
As ruler of the Mauryan empire, Chandragupta naturally had many enemies. He was often very paranoid and believed that they were going to kill him. He would join this yoga group in order to help deal with his paranoya. Learning yoga would help him calm himself down an relax, rather than worry about all his enemies and ony problems occuring in his empire.
GROUP 10: Business Intelligence
The book Arthashastra, written by Chanakya, who was Chandragupta's advisor, is currenly used a a model for Indian business schools and military analysts. The book provides an insight into human nature. It also depicts a testimony to Chandragupta's rule over the Maurya Empire and the idea of artha (prosperity) of a kingdom. Chandragupta would join this business group because he would be able to provide insightful knowledge about how to help busniesses to prosper as his empire did. Not only could he give tips about how to make a business preosper, but also how to maintain that prosperity.

Quizzes **Click here to find a quiz to take!** You must take at least 5 quizzes from this site and this site only!!

QUIZ 1: Which Feeling Are You
RESULTS: Violet Sensation - You don't care what other people think, say or do. You're just an independent person who love living life at it's fullest extreme. You would be a good politician as you are very good at debating. ROCK ON!!!
- EXPLANATION: These results fit Chandragupta's personality. As leader of the Maurya Empire, he had to be an independent person. He also had to be a good debater and politician in order to rule in empire successfully. He should not care too much about what others will think of his decisions unless they will affect the lives if the citizens living in his empire.
QUIZ 2: Which Type of Dream Are You?
RESULTS: Horrific Nightmare - You are the dream that no one likes to get if they have a choice, unless you're the type of person that likes the thrill of it. Nightmares almost always include a threat of you or someone you are close to. You can usually fell adrenaline rushes or scared feelings during the nightmare. Nightmares sometimes are derived from someone who has a guilty conscience, or if you had recently seen or heard about something that you didn't feel comfterable with, or if you are restless with a decision that you made. Most of the time, a person usually has clusters of nightmares over a period of days or weeks, and then does not have another one for a while after.
EXPLANATION: These results pertain to Chandragupta because as king of the Maurya empire, he had many enemies. He was paranoid that they were going to come after him and kill him. As a result of his paranoya, he probably had nighmares about being murdered in his sleep. This may be the reason why he never slept in the same bad two nights in a row.
QUIZ 3: Are You a Leader or a Follower?
RESULTS: Leader - You Don't Let Anybody Boss You Around Because Your Raw Like That. You Can Kinda Say Your Pretty Beasty! People Follow You Not Vice Versa So Don't Cave Now! BTW Maybe You Should Have Other People In Your Class To Find Your Followers!
EXPLANATION: Chandragupta was the leader of the Maurya empire from 320 to 298 BC. The results of this quiz say that Chandragupta is a leader rather than a follower. Before he ruled over the Maurya Empire, he overthrew the Nanda dynasty in order to build his vast empire across India. He led his army to victory and then led his people in the Maurya empire in a peaceful civilization.
QUIZ 4: What Kind of Spirit Do You Have?
RESULTS: You have a protective spirit - Whether you protect yourself or others more sometimes it's too much. It's good to sometimes let yourself go. However you are the rock others can depend on and you can have a big heart.
EXPLANATION: These results fit Chandragupta's personality. As king of the Maurya empire, he believed that his enemies were going to kill him. He hired trained body guards to protect him. He also had a personal food taster to test his food for poison before he ate it. Chandragupta also never slept in the same bed two nights in a row for fear that he would be murdered in his sleep.
QUIZ 5: What Would You Be in a Band?
RESULTS: Lead Singer - You like to be the center of the attention! You're the voice of the band! You like to rock out and have some fun!
EXPLANATION: Chandragupta ruled the Maurya empire for many years from 320 BC to 298 BC. In a band, the lead singer is most often thought of as the leader of the band. If his empire was a rock band, Chandragupta would be considered the lead singer. He led his armies to victory in order to build the Maurya empire and ruled it in peace for many years.

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