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- Basic Information
o Current City: Qufu, Shandong Province, China
o Hometown: Song State, China
o Sex: male
o Birthday: 551 B.C.
o Political Views: founded Confucianism
o Religious Views: nonreligious, humanist
o Favorite Quotations: "Riches and honors acquired through unrighteousness are to me as the floating clouds."
"Knowledge is recognizing what you know and what you don't."

o Biography: I was born Kong Qiu in 551 B.C. My hometown was Qufu, in the Lu State. My father was a famous warrior, but died when I was three. My mother and I lived in poverty for much of my childhood; with her support, I studied diligently. She died when I was seventeen. Three years later, I married a mild-tempered young woman from the Song State, but then left my family to strive for my ideals of a perfect, harmonious society. My teachings were later compiled by my disciples into the Analects, which became the basis for my namesake philosophy of Confucianism. I believe that politics have their roots in ethics. I seek to restore the Mandate of Heaven and unify the world into a civilized society based on morality. I originated the principle of the five main human relationships: those between (1) ruler and subject, (2) father and son, (3) husband and wife, (4) elder brother and younger brother, and (5) friend and friend. I have one son, Kong Li, who is also one of my disciples. My descendants through his line have been repeatedly identified and honored by imperial governments with titles of nobility and official posts. My family has the longest recorded still-extant pedigree in the world, and is now in its eighty-third generation. Throughout my life, I worked for the Lu State government on multiple occasions. I was mostly a philosopher, spending much of my time teaching my disciples about the value of morality and how it should be applied to both government and daily life. I died in 479 B.C. at the age of 73. After my death, my disciples have continued to spread my philosophy throughout China, where they began to gain more prominence and even spread to Japan and Korea.

- Relationships
o Mother: Yan Zhengzai
o Father: Shu Lianghe
o Children: Kong Li
o Brothers: one
o Sisters: nine

- Likes and Interests
o Activities: Sudoku, meditation
o Interests: philosophy, government, morality
o Music: Liszt, Mendelssohn
o Books: Critique of Pure Reason, Silent Spring, Catch-22
o Movies: A Brief History of Time
o Television: History Channel, CSPAN

- Education and Work
o High School: unknown
o College/University: unknown
o Employer: Lu State educator and philosopher

- Photos

- Groups
GROUP 1: World Peace Movement
o Explanation: This group fits my beliefs perfectly. I strive for a peaceful society with a basis in morality and proper behavior. There is no room for war in this world. One should never impose on others what he would not choose for himself.
GROUP 2: Daily Reflections
o Explanation: This group communicates through a strange device called "the internets" that I do not fully understand. It sends out daily thoughts on varied subjects. I believe that it is important to spend a part of each day meditating on various matters. Change must first come from within.
GROUP 3: World History Group
o Explanation: I believe that it is important to be aware of things going on everywhere in the world. There is much to be gained from studying what is supposedly called "ancient" history. I find reading about different societies fascinating. There is much we can learn from them.
GROUP 4: Confucianism
o Explanation: I do try not to be self-centered. This group of my modern-day disciples is a valuable resource. Their modern views are always interesting to read, and it is beneficial to gain a new perspective on old thoughts. It is always valuable to learn more about oneself.
GROUP 5: Literature
o Explanation: I enjoy reading and value it as a noble pastime. Through reading, one can learn about a variety of topics. This group can provide valuable insight on various books that are now considered "classic literature." Although many of these books are foreign to me, I am eager to learn about the world's culture.
GROUP 6: Toon
o Explanation: This group is a grassroots organization promoting the green movement. I believe that it is important to conserve the world's environment. Through proper actions, we can ensure a prosperous environment. The world has taken care of us, so we must take care of it as well.
GROUP 7: Asian Edition
o Explanation: This group is dedicated to current news about the Asian continent. It is always important to remain up-to-date and involved in current events. Through this group, I am able to learn something new each day. Journalism continues to make up a large part of public opinion.
GROUP 8: Classical Music Group
o Explanation: Admittedly, all of this music was composed after my time. However, I find enjoyment in the intricate melodies and patterns of classical music. There are many interesting similarities and differences between this music and that of China. The study of music is always a worthy endeavor.
GROUP 9: Philosophy Forum
o Explanation: As a philosopher, I believe that it is important to constantly engage in conversation with others. Through this group, I am also able to learn about other famous philosophies. With educated debate, each person can learn much from others. It is also interesting to read about people's views of my philosophy.
GROUP 10: Sudoku World
o Explanation: I have recently found enjoyment in this Japanese puzzle game. It requires a use of mathematics and sound reasoning. Though it may seem trivial, playing this game hones one's skills in logic. Through this group, I am able to connect with others similarly interested in Sudoku.

- Quizzes
QUIZ 1: What kind of novel are you?
o Result: Classic English novel
o Explanation: This result makes a lot of sense to me. I regard myself as mostly traditional. I value simplicity and structure over the complicated, overmuch lives that many people today choose to lead. If I knew what a classic English novel was, I am sure that I would enjoy reading it.
QUIZ 2: What type of dance are you?
o Result: Ballet
o Explanation: This quiz told me that I have natural grace. While I would not disagree with this, it seems like a bit of a strange answer. I try to face situation with composure. Nothing is accomplished through anger.
QUIZ 3: What time of day are you?
o Result: Dawn
o Explanation: This quiz describes me as calm, friendly, and laid-back. This seems rather accurate. I strive to be humble and unassuming in everything I do. Dawn is my favorite time of day, in fact, when I can get the most thinking done.
QUIZ 4: Which feeling are you?
o Result: Misty secrecy
o Explanation: Although I am a very private person, I am not necessarily secretive. I do not enjoy broadcasting every aspect of my personal life. I would rather observe others than talk about myself. I find that I learn more that way.
QUIZ 5: What type of weather are you?
o Result: Snow
o Explanation: There is a fair amount of snow here in Shandong Province, and I understand the comparison. This quiz describes me as having a quiet strength and as bringing joy to others. I am peaceful in nature, but I try to have an impact. I seek respect from others and give it in return.

- Bibliography