David Livingstone
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- Basic Information
o Current City: Lake Bangweulu, Zambia
o Hometown: Blantyre, South Lanarkshire
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: 19 March 1813(1813-03-19)
o Political Views: Liberal
o Religious Views: Congregationalist
o Bio: David Livingstone was born on March 13, 1813 in Blantyre, Scotland, near Glasgow. He dedicated much of his adult life exploring Africa as a doctor and missionary. Livingstone surveyed much of central and south Africa, and was one of the first Europeans to do so. When he first went to Africa in 1841, when he was 27, he developed the theory that he could best teach about Christianity to the Africans most efficiently if he moved about the area preaching. This started his days as an African explorer. Around this time, he married Mary Moffat, who accompanied Livingstone on his early explorations. In 1849, he led a troupe of Europeans on an expedition across the Kalahari Desert and eventually discovered Lake Ngami. He continued crossing the continent three different times: 1852-1856, 1858-1864, and 1866-1873. In 1856, he trekked on the Zambezi River, and became the first European to witness the stunning Mosi-oa-Tunya waterfall, which he renamed Victoria Falls. He also was the first European to cross the entire width of southern Africa. Both of these accomplishments made him famous in England. He wrote a book about the eventful journeys he made through Africa and gave speeches throughout England between 1856 and 1857. Livingstone went back to Africa in 1858 and is accredited with the finding of Lake Nyasa in 1858, the Chilwa River in 1859, and parts of the Nile River. In 1866, David Livingstone went on a third and final mission to discover more of the Nile River. While on this voyage he vanished and no one heard from him. In 1871, a New York reporter, Henry Morton Stanley, led an expedition to locate him. When they found him, Stanley said those famous words, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." In May, 1873 once Stanley left Livingstone to study the way of life of a local tribe, Livingstone was found on his knees, dead in prayer. His body, personal items and papers were sent back to England. He was buried in Westminster Abbey in London in April, 1874. As part of his travels, David Livingstone learned more about African customs, geography, and the slave trade than any other European. David Livingstone's expeditions helped the world learn about the continent of Africa.
o Favorite Quotations:
"Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" - Henry Morton Stanley
"When man to man, the world o'er
Shall brothers be for a' that" - Rabbie Burns
"Christianity, Commerse, and Civilization" - David Livingstone

- Relationships
o Wife: Mary Moffat Livingstone
o Mother: Agnes Livingstone
o Father: Neil Livingstone
o Daughters: Agnes Livingstone, Elizabeth Livingstone, Anna Mary Livingstone
o Sons: Robert Livingstone, Thomas Livingstone, William Oswell Livingstone
o Brothers: John Livingstone

- Likes and Interest
o Activities: Exploring, Mission Work, Discovery, Medicine
o Interests: British Imperialism, Africa, Science/Medicine
o Music: Native African, Christian Hymns
o Books: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
o Movies: The Missionary, The End of the Spear
o Television: Grey's Anatomy, Lost

- Education and Work
o High School: Blantyre village school
o College/University: Anderson's College, University of Glasgow
o Employer: The Government


ALBUM 1: Discoveries
external image victoriafalls-encarta.jpg external image 20090513-angola-full.jpg external image malawi-nasa1.jpg external image malawi-chilwa3.jpg external image Nile.jpg

ALBUM 2: Influences
external image cross.jpg external image unionjak.gifexternal image malaria_special.jpg external image MedicineSymbol_Image2.jpg external image africans-in-a-refugee-camp1.jpg

ALBUM 3: Random Pictures from expeditions
external image kalahari--kgalagadi.jpg external image portrait.jpg external image Captive-Male-Lion-L.jpg external image the-uri-steam-boat.jpg external image rcgs_gold_medal_200.jpg

GROUP 1: Camping
- Livingstone spent years in the wilderness of Africa. He had to be a very knowledgeable camper to get through the extreme conditions of the region. He joined this group to share his experiences with others. Through this he coould get advice, and help others through similar issues.
GROUP 2: orienteering2
- Livingstone travelled through lands that were almost completely unchartered. As an explorer, Livingstone needed to be able to find his way through Africa. the vast expanses of the African plains, deserts, swamps and mountains would be a challenge to navigate. This group could help him grow his skills and get help from others if necessary.
GROUP 3: trekking
- Livingstone spent much of his life hiking and trekking around central and southern Africa. He could share his pictures and stories of all his treks through Africa in this group. It is all about hearing of people's adventures. He had very unique tales to tell.
GROUP 4: jesus-for-us
- Livingstone was a devout christian and a missionary during his times in Africa. He spent his life spreading the religion. He made sure not to pressure those who did not want to listen. He could learn more about his own faith in this group.
GROUP 5: friendsprayergroup
- Prayer was extremely important to Livingstone. This was proven when he was found dead in a praying position. He was very involved with his religion. Prayer is a huge part of Christianity so he could dicuss this with his fellow worshippers.
GROUP 6: Health_Promotion
- Livingstone was an important doctor of his time. He was very interested with advances in all of the sciences. Advances in the medical fields and promoting general public health were extremely intriguing to him, though. This group could help keep him up to date.
GROUP 7: Alternative-Medicine-Forum
- While in Africa, Livingstone was still studying medicine. The Africans had completely different ways of healing illnesses. Livingstone wanted to learn about these ways and share them with others.He was also trying to find alternatives to current medicines of the day.
GROUP 8: mscelectronauts
- Livingstone attended the University of Glasgow for lectures while he was in college. Hw was intently fascinated by activites of the school once he left. This group interested him a lot mostly because it related to the science fields. He wanted to stay up to date with such things.
GROUP 9: SaveWildlife
- As a scientist, Livingstone loved animals in their natural habitat. On one of his adventures, he saw a lion and got to close to its territory. He was mauled and might have died if not for the brave distraction by a fellow explorer. Even after this he was facinated by animals.
GROUP 10: BeliefsAndReligion
- Livingstone was very interested in religion. He wanted to spread his own to those who would listen but never forced it upon unwilling ears. This was very important because it kept him alive for a lot longer than maybe he would have been. It allowed him to seem less aggressive and threatening to local tribes.

QUIZ 1: How social are you
- Lone Wolf
- Livingstone was said to be a selfish, stuck-up, arrogant, and incapable leader. He liked to keep to himself without sharing much with others. This is like a wolf because they stay to themselves rather than in groups. However they get into groups when necessary, like Livingstone.
QUIZ 2: How good are you to your friends
- Call yourself a friend?
- As previously stated he wasnt very open with others. This made him hard to get along with. People didn't like being with him. Even though he was a great adventurer and scientist, he was not very popular. His reputation was saved by Henry Morton Stanley.
QUIZ 3: Which of the 5 senses are you
- Sight
- Livingstone spent much of his time outside. He made many obsevations which were visual. He saw a great deal of things people had never seen before. He relied on his eyesight more than anything else.
QUIZ 4: what country are you :D
- england
- Easily stated, thats where he was from. Technically he was Scottish, but both are in the United Kingdom.This test proved he in fact would have seemed English to us today. This did not leave much room for explanation.
QUIZ 5: What Hogwarts House Are You
- Slytherin
- As with numbers one and two, Livingstone was egotistic and exhibited extreme hubris. Both of these qualities are associated with the Slytherin house. He was not evil, like many Slytherins, but he belonged there none the less. Once again, this is very hypothetical and there is room for error.

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