Deng Xiaoping
(born Deng Xixian)


- Basic Information

o Current City: died in Peking, China on February 19, 1997,
o Hometown: Guangan, Sichuan Province, China
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: August 22, 1904
o Political Views: Communist
o Religious Views: none
o Bio: (minimum 300 words) Deng Xiaoping was born into a landowning farming family in Sichuan Province, China, on August 22, 1904. When he was born, he was originally named Deng Xixian, which meant “first saint”. After finishing Chongqing Preparatory School at 16, Deng traveled to France participating in a work-study program for his fellow Chinese students. In France, Deng began his communistic journey when he joined the Chinese Socialist Youth League and then the Chinese Communist Party. He participated in the Long March as well. When Deng returned to China in 1926, he became a political science instructor, but was removed a year later because of his communist associations when Chiang Kai-shek was in power. During this time of struggle between communists and nationalist, Deng changed his name to Deng Xiaoping, which means “little peace”. During this time, Deng was a member of the Red Army, edited a Red Army paper, and worked as the army commissar. The Communist Party was defeated, and in1952 he became the vice premier. In 1956, he gained the position of secretary- general of the Communist Party. When Mao Zedong started the Great Leap Forward, Deng disagreed with it. Deng, as well as many other, believed that it was too radical to be effective. Deng tried to introduce reforms to the programs to mitigate tough conditions for farmers and stabilize the food supply. However, he was reprimanded for his actions. Later on when Mao began the Cultural Revolution, he cracked down on current and former dissenters. At this time, Deng was forced out of all political offices. He was later invited back to office by Zhou Enlai. After the death of both Zhou and Mao, Deng gained full power. Deng and his allies let China become more open politically and economically. Deng promoted economic growth, even though it forced him to slack some communist principals. He was one of the inventors of the "Four Modernizations" program, which goal was to improving agriculture, industry, science and technology, and the national defense, leading China to economic power by the 21st century. Deng also improved world relations. He traveled abroad and arranged meetings with world leaders. However, Deng faced consiquenses of his increased openness of policies. Students protested in Tienenemen square in 1989 for more political freedom. Deng refused to begin conversation with them and on June 4th, elite army units struck. 300- 600 people were brutally killed. Deng Xiaoping died on February 19, 1997, from Parkinson's disease and the complications of a lung infection.

o Favorite Quotations:
  • Ÿ "It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice."

  • Ÿ "Poverty is not socialism. To be rich is glorious. "

  • Ÿ "The United States brags about its political system, but the President says one thing during the election, something else when he takes office, something else at midterm and something else when he leaves."

- Relationships

o Mother: Deng Danshi (second of four wives)
o Father: Deng Wenming
Wives: Zhang Xihuan, Jin Weiying, Zhou Lin
o Daughters: 3/4 (one died soon after birth); Deng Lin, Deng Nan, Deng Rong
o Sons: 2; Deng Pufang, Deng Zhifang
o Brothers: 1 (from the same mother)
o Sisters: 1 (from the same mother)
*grew up with father’s other wives’ children

- Likes and Interest
o Activities: bridge, swimming, spitting, smoking Chinese Panda-brand cigarettes
o Interests: communism, not talking much, his children, China, the food "Double Taste Fiery Pot" (a dish made in a double sided pot with Yangtze River fish)
o Books: Communism: a history (by: Richard Pipes), China: economic reform and macroeconomic management (by: Mario I. Bleger), Animal Farm (by: George Orwell)
o Movies: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
o Music: Chris Graham
o Television: NBC, Fox News

Education and Work
o High School: Chongqing Preparatory School
o College/University: briefly attended middle schools in Bayeux and Châtillon
o Employer: Chinese Communist Party

Photos (15 photos; 5 in each album)

ALBUM 1: Military Life/ Career






ALBUM 2: Time in Power








ALBUM 3: Improved World Relations






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GROUP 1: communism3 · The best socio-economic system
- EXPLANATION: I think Deng Xiaoping would join this group because he, obviously, supported communism. Just like the creator and members of this group, Deng believed that communism was the best form of government and would lead to prosperity in his country. As the other part of the title says, Deng believed that communism was the “best socio-economic system”. This would be one of the first groups Deng Xiaoping would join on Yahoo groups.

GROUP 2: “Invest_China” · Invest in China
- EXPLANATION: Undoubtedly, if Deng Xiaoping joined Yahoo groups, he would join the group called “Invest_China”. He believed that China’s economy would improve by stepping up the volume of foreign trade by opening up its markets. By participating in such export-led growth, Deng believed China was able to speed up its economic development through foreign investment. He also believed in a more open market, access to advanced technologies, and management experience, which this group promotes.

GROUP 3: “Agriculture” · Agriculture
- EXPLANATION: Deng Xiaoping would join this group because agriculture was part of the Four Modernizations. If he were still alive today, it is evident that he would join this group. The Four Modernizations were made to make China a great economic power by the early 21st century. With the help of this fantastic Agriculture group, this became a reality.

GROUP 4: “Promote_industry”
EXPLANATION: Deng Xiaoping would also join this group because industry was part of his Four Modernizations. He believed industry was very important. He thought it lead to a more prosperous nation. Obviously, Deng Xiaoping would join this group.

GROUP 5: “National_defense_information”
- EXPLANATION: If this group related to China (which is it does not, because we are required to use Yahoo groups), Deng Xiaoping would be a member. One of his four modernizations was the promotion of national defenses in China. Even though this group may not be used in the same way Deng thought of defense, it is applicable. Deng firmly supported defending his country.

GROUP 6: “WorldScience”
· World Science
- EXPLANATION: Deng Xiaoping would join this group because he included science in his Four Modernizations. This group sends an e-news letter with some of the world’s most exciting science news and photos. China was very interested in sciences when Deng Xiaoping was in power. He thought it was one of four things that were really needed to stimulate Chinese economy.

GROUP 7: “A-parents-china” · Adoptive Parents China
- EXPLANATION: Deng Xiaoping would support this group. This group, Adoptive Parents China (APC), is a support group for parents and prospective parents adopting from the People's Republic of China. Because Deng implemented the One-Child Policy, he would promote the idea of American adoptions of Chinese girls. This policy insured that most Chinese families would only have one child.

GROUP 8: “World_and_Politics”
- EXPLANATION: Deng Xiaoping would have joined a world politics group. He was involved in Chinese politics for many years, from his youth to his death. He also improved Chinas world relations. This group would be a good group for him to join to help China’s increasing world position during his time of power.

GROUP 9: “Global_Money”
- EXPLANATION: Deng Xiaoping supported global economy. Unlike his predecessor, Mao Zedong, he wanted to expand China’s economy on a global scale. Deng concentrated on building a strong, modernized, socialist country. He believed he could do this through “global money”!

GROUP 10: “Censurship_control”
- EXPLANATION: This group would be an obvious choice for Deng Xiaoping. Even though he introduced many somewhat reforms, he was responsible for the nebulous carnage at Tiananmen Square. This event is permanently inscribed in world history and clearly remembered by Americans and Chinese alike. Many people assume because Deng was more moderate than Mao Zedong, that he was a fair ruler. However, he was still a communist, who, on June 4th, severely cracked down and killed protestors.

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QUIZ 1: “Whats your Inner Element?”
- RESULTS: "The heat of Fire: The red-hot flames and warmth of fire! Your a stubborn, but extemely loyal friend! Your inner fire will keep you warm and head-strong, even during the darkest of winter nights.”
- EXPLANATION: Fire is an accurate element representation of Deng Xiaoping and his policies because it represents Deng’s passion for his country. Just like fire, Deng used his desire and drive to make his county stronger and more modernized. Also, embodying fire, Deng Xiaoping was known for his crack down on student protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Deng, like fire, did not stop for anyone in his perseverance of his country.

QUIZ 2:Which Country of the World are You?”
“China - Debatably the most ancient and longstanding cultures around, it is nowadays viewed as a heavily populated but impovershed nation.

Eclectic History.

Communist-Run (Control).

Worldwide Manufacturer.

Communist-Run (Bitterness).

Technologically Outdated.


- EXPLANATION: Even though this quiz maker’s spelling is inaccurate, this quiz is accurate relating to Deng Xiaoping. The result of the quiz was China and Deng was Chinese, which is fitting. Deng Xiaoping was born in China and was heavily involved in China’s communist party. He was a strong nationalist and persevered for what he believed was in China’s best interests.

QUIZ 3: “What dog breed are you?”
- RESULTS: A Basenji- “You are a feisty, clever, inquisitive, stubborn, independent, and reserved person. I bet you're a cat person. You tend to chase after things whether it be an oppurtunity or a guy or whatever. You become frustrated and destructive when you don't get exercise in either physical or mental form. You love a good challenge and you don't talk alot.
- EXPLANATION: Just like a Basenji, Deng Xiaoping was an educated, or “clever” person. Deng used his intelligence to his best advantage, like a Basenji does when it hunts. However, similar to the Basenji, Deng was forceful and “destructive” when he was not listened to, concerning the Tiananmen Square Massacre. As the quiz results described, Deng Xiaoping was not violently opinionated like Mao, but was not afraid to stand up for his ideas.

QUIZ 4: “What Cupcake Are You?”
Chocolate on Chocolate! You are very tough! You stand for what you believe! Sometimes, though, you might come on as mean. Defend what you believe in, but dont hurt people while doing it.”
- EXPLANATION: I think Deng Xiaoping fits the persona of a chocolate on chocolate cupcake because he accurately fits the description that the quiz maker decided symbolizes a chocolate on chocolate cupcake. Apparently, chocolate on chocolate cupcakes stand up for what they believe in, even if it is not the popular opinion. They are both not afraid to offend others with their beliefs. However, they had the tendency to hurt people with personal opinions, just like Deng Xiaoping.

QUIZ 5: “What Kind of artwork are you?”
“A statue: you are very much into showing how you feel in a artistic way, and enjoy spending time thinking about important things. You can be very intellectual.”
- EXPLANATION: This type of artwork accurately describes Deng Xiaoping. Like a statue, he did not show much emotion. Also, Deng did not care for wasting time and was not one for idle chitchat. As the quiz results also suggest, statues “can be very intellectual”, just like Deng Xiaoping.

- Similar to Mao Zedong
- Different from Jesus