Elie Wiesel
wiesel%20%20pic.jpgBasic Information

o Current City: New York City
o Hometown- Sighet in Transylvania
o Sex-Male
o Birthday-September 30th, 1928
o Political Views- political activist for Human rights, supporter of Israel and worldwide Jewish politics.
o Religious Views-Jewish

o Bio:
Born as Eliezer Wiesel on September 30, 1928, I was brought up under the Jewish faith in a small village in Romania. In 1944, during World War II, my world as I knew it as a teen age boy was changed forever when a German army deported the Jewish community in which I lived to the Hitler concentration camp, Auschwitz. After that night, I never saw my mother and two older sisters again. Weeks later, my father and I were marched from Auschwitz to Buchenwald, where my father eventually weakened from starvation and illness and died. The conditions that I and my family suffered at the death camps were humiliating, horrific, and inhumane. I and my younger sister, whom I was eventually later reunited with, were one of the few to have survived the death camps when they were finally liberated in April of 1945. After the war, I studied in Paris and later immigrated to North America where I became a United States citizen. I was persuaded to write about my experiences in the death camps by many people who heard my story, which eventually resulted in my writing the internationally acclaimed memoir, Night. Teaching has always been important to me. I have taught Humanities at Boston University, Judaic Studies at the City University of New York, and Humanities and Social Thought at Yale. In my lifetime, I have written more than forty fiction and non-fiction award winning books. For my humanities and human rights activities, I have been honored to receive many prestigious awards, such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States Congressional Gold Medal and the Medal of Liberty award. I also received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. I will continue until I die to be a devoted supporter of human rights, freedom and equality. I will always be a supporter of the Jews, victims of famine in Africa, any victim of war and any person discriminated against or deprived of freedom and human dignity.

o Favorite Quotations:
- “Because of indifference, one dies before one actually dies”
- “A destruction, an annihilation that only man can provoke, only mane can prevent.”
- “Once you bring life into the world, you must protect it. We must protext it by changing the world”
- “No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them.”


o Married to: Marion Wiesel
o Mother: Sarah Wiesel
o Father: Shlomo Wiesel
o Sons: Elisha Wiesel
o Sisters: Hilda, Bea, Tzipora

Likes and Interests:

o Activities: Writing, studying the Talmud, spending time at the Temple with his spiritual
mentor, Moshe

o Interests: ensuring that the murder of six million Jews would never be forgotten

o Music:
-Yiddish Songs of the Holocaust by Paul Zim
-Bernstein Narrates Bernsteain-The Holocaust Remembered
-Me'emek by Baruch Abittan
-The wonderful world of shabsie by Ella Adler
-Kumah by Aspaklaria
Rhythm of the Land by Ella Bat

- Night
- Dawn
- A lucky child
- A mad desire to dance
- DawnThe AccidentThe Town Beyond the Wall
- The Gates of the Forest
- The Jews of Silence
- Legends of Our Time
- A Beggar in Jerusalem
- One Generation After
- Souls on Fire: Portraits & Legends of Hasidic Masters
- The Oath
- A Jew Today
- The Testament

o Movies:
-The Chosen (1848)
-Fiddler on the roof (1971)
-The boy in stripped pajamas
-The reader
-The final days
-The pianist (2002)

o Television:
- IBA news
- Yiddishkeit
- Fox News

Education and Work:

o High School Bellmore-Merrick Central High School
o College/University the Sorbonne.

ALBUM 1: Elie Wiesel




ALBUM 2: Lectures and Events



ALBUM 3: Childhood and Concentration camps




GROUP 1: Jewish Food
My religion is very important to me and always will be. I honor the Judism laws and believe in Kosher foods. It is a sacred part of my practice of Judism. I explore all types of foods prepared with my friends in a Kosher manner.

GROUP 2: Remember the Holocaust

EXPLANATION: I will never let any of us forget what my people have had to endure. Nor will I let the world forget all of the people who were lost and will never come back. This type of hatred and prejudice should never return on this earth. It is my goal to see to it that it will never happen again.

GROUP 3: Nobel Peace Winners

EXPLANATION: I won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 for my literary works about my experiences in concentration camps in WWII. I was also recognized for my six years as Chairman of the US Holocaust Memorial Council. I value speaking with other Nobel Peace Prize winners. I gain insight from them for future books that I may write.

GROUP 4: Writing Workshop
EXPLANATION: As you know since im an author I enjoy writing and I enjoy encouraging other to write about their experiences. There is nothing more important then documenting our history so that we can learn from it. All history should be shared and never kept secret no matter how horrible. It is by sharing our history of mistakes that the world can learn to become a better place.

GROUP 5: 2nd Amendment Rights

EXPLANATION: I am against discrimination that any group of people may have had to experience. I refuse to stand by and witness any discrimination or pain inflicted upon another person. Our second ammendment protects us from these evils and needs to be defended. The second ammendment is one of our more important rights and should never be taken for granted.

GROUP 6: Hasidic Tales

EXPLANATION: I love to meet to discuss the lives and sayings of hasidic rabbis of the 18th century. I find them helpful to my present-day life. The tales were compiled by the philosopher Marin Buber, and the group is facilitated by Maurice Friedman, a leading scholar and authority on Martin Buber. I encourage others to learn from the writings of the hasidic rabbis.

GROUP 7: Journalism

EXPLANATION: Communication is the key to teaching was has come before us. I have continued to communicate via my books and speeches. The field of journalism, therefore, is what I treasure because it allows me a platform under which to communicate. It is through the reporting of journalism that history will always be preserved.

GROUP 8: Education
EXPLANATION: There is nothing worse in life than ignorance, but also there should never be ignorance in a civilized nation. Education is the key to enlighten the minds of those who are future leaders. Teaching should be done in a moralistic way so that not only will our future leaders be informed of facts, but they will also know the difference between right and wrong.

GROUP 9: Peace of God
EXPLANATION: There should be religion in everyones life. There is nothing more important than grounding yourself to an eternal God, no matter who your God may be. My faith helped me during a critical time of my life and without it I couldn't go on. God gives us peace and spirit and courage to carry on his word.

GROUP 10: Peace and Freedom
EXPLANATION: Freedom is a human right that we are all born with. Freedom should never be denied from us. We all have the right to live in a peaceful world. I will always strive to promote peace among all people.


What is your inner element?
The love of Light

You're an extremely caring person, and will do anything to make sure your friends and family are safe, protected and together. You're warm, and always a joy to be around!

Explanation: When I was in the concentration camp, all I wanted was to see my family, or at least know that they were safe. After suffering through the constant torture and seeing my dad suffer, I have come to realize that there is nothing more important than your family and your freedom. I will do anything to ensure the saftey of my friends and family. With me you are always protected. I value you so much, that just being with you is a joy which makes me joyful too.



What type of symbol are you?

Results: Peace sign :)

This means you are very kind and funny. You love to be surrounded by nature and animals. The peace sign also means you try to keep everyone happy. But remember try to keep yourself happy too.

The love of nature, peace and freedom is what I is all about. No one can appreciate freedom more than a person who had it taken away from him. I appreciate sitting and reading in the shade of a big leafy tree. I love watching wildlife enjoy their freedom and nothing pains me more than an animal in captivity.



What Popular 2009 Song are you?

Fireflies~ Owl City

You are very creative and love nature and surroundings.

Explanation: There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a simple firefly freely floating in space. Since I sometimes have a fear of darkness (because of the horrors I had to endure in the dark), I like a firefly to light up the night. Sometimes my creative side helps me imagine them by the millions keeping my nightime world in total sunshine. With them by my side, or in my imagination, I can peacefully sleep.


What way do you see the world?

You see a bright world!
You are a posititive person at heart and don't get discouraged by the chaos. Your motto is "look to the bright side." You see the truth about the world but choose to not get discouraged and in my book that makes you pretty rare.

Explanation: I have experienced enough in my lifetime to know that you don't sweat the small stuff. Very little can get me down because I have already endured what seemed like an endless hell. Next to that, everything had a bright side. Simply enjoying life, even with its ups and downs is a blessing and something to feel bright about.


What's your magic power?

Your power is earth
The natural power to give life to plant and to make earthquakes belongs to you. This is the only power that can heal and you must be proud of

Explanation: This just proves again my appreciation of the world around me and the simple freedoms in life. Loosing my family in the concentration camps was an earthquake that I have already endured. Now an earthquake is something I can conquer. I know the value of letting life take its course and that the world will go on even after I die which is why I plant to bring future life.

*SImilar to Nelson Mandela
*Different from Saddam Hussein