Emperor Ashoka


- Basic Information

o Current City: Sanchi, India

o Hometown: n/a

o Sex: Male

o Birthday: 304 BC

o Political Views: Use of Dharma to rule people

o Religious Views: Buddhist

o Bio:

I was born in 304 BC and became a member of the ruling dynasty of the Mauryan Empire. I

started to rule by very harsh ways and killed many in savage conquests for power.

After one battle in particular, the one in which I took over Kalinga, I realized my wrongdoings

and the terrible results that I had caused. I reflected upon my actions and decided to become a

Buddhist. I reflected upon my actions and decided to become a Buddhist. I govern my people

by Buddhist principles and encourage dharma. Dharma is right living by Buddhist standards

and I believe that by ruling my empire this way, everything will be fine. Buddhism includes beliefs in

meditation and karma. Karma means that every action in this life affects a person's fate in their

future lives. The goal is to work toward achieving nirvana. I love laerning new things, especially

about Buddhism.I am working to improve the lives of my people constantly. I am founding hospitals

and working on increasing the medicinal herbs that are in my land. Animals are very dear to me as

well, and I make sure that cruelty does not take place in my kingdom. One important aspect of my

ruling is the way that my edicts are shown to my people. I have the edicts posted on rocks and

pillars around the land. They are edicts like “There is no better work than promoting the welfare

of the world. Whatever be my great deeds, I have done them in order to discharge my debt to all

While I truly believe in Buddhism, I tolerate other religions in the empire. This doesn’t mean

that I don’t attempt to spread Buddhism though. I am working to build monasteries and recruit

followers. Recently, I have developed a council where Buddhist people can discuss their beliefs

and viewpoints.

o Favorite Quotations:

"Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind."

"Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds."

"Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful"

"Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule."

- Relationships
o Mother: Dharma

o Father: Bindusara

o Daughters: none

o Sons: none

o Brothers: Vitthasoka

o Sisters: none

- Likes and Interest

o Activities: Meditation

o Interests:Having fun, ruling the country, reading

o Music: Manju Mehta, Rajeev Taranath, Kalyan Pathak, Sunil Kant Gupta, Kaushik Roy

o Books:Rogues in Robes, Practical Buddhism, Basic Dharma, The Way Things Are, The Great Seal

o Movies: Kundun, The Little Buddha, Enlightenment Guaranteed, Spring Summer Fall Winter, Travelers and Magicians, Seven Years in Tibet, Heaven and Earth

o Television:
Country Music Television, Spiritual TV, The View

- Education and Work

o High School: n/a

o College/University: n/a

o Employer: n/a

ALBUM 1: Buddhism

ALBUM 2: My Empire

ALBUM 3: My Family and I

GROUP 1: Buddhist Wellness Group
- EXPLANATION: I joined this group because I am a Buddhist. I hope to meet other people with similar beliefs. Maybe I will be able to share some of my knowledge with others. There is also a possibility that I will learn the ways of others and be guided down new spiritual paths.

GROUP 2: Dharma News
- EXPLANATION: I joined this group because Dharma is a cause that it is very dear to me. It is a policy that I rule by. Also, my mother's name was Dharma. Whenever I see that word, it brings back fond memories of her.

GROUP 3: National-forum-of-india
- EXPLANATION: I joined this group because I am the emperor of the Mauryan Empire. Since my empire is in India, it is good to keep an eye on the news stories in my country. However, this will not be my main source of large news stories because I am emperor and know a lot of information before others hear about it. It can be beneficial to make sure that what my people are hearing is the truth.

GROUP 4: Positive Thinking and Meditation
- EXPLANATION: I joined this group because as a Buddhist, I enjoy practicing meditation. I believe that thinking positively really improves one's quality of life as well. Ever since becoming a Buddhist, I have been making efforts to improve my well being so that I can help my people. I believe that meditation and positive thinking are keys to an enjoyable lifestyle.

GROUP 5: I For India
- EXPLANATION: I decided to join this group to express my support for our wonderful country of India. I have a strong sense of nationalism for my country, even if I do not rule over it entirely. I always hope that we will be a peaceful country, where groups of people can lovingly coexist. There is no need for fighting.

GROUP 6: Aids-India
- EXPLANATION: I have joined this group because I wish from the bottom of my heart to solve the issue of Aids. I cannot stand to watch it destroy people who have a right to a wonderful life. I therefore support the wonderful men and women who make efforts to finding a cure daily. And to everyone that suffers from this terrible disease, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

GROUP 7: Jobsinall
- EXPLANATION: This group is dedicated to job seekers in India. Even though I do not currently need a job, I joined so that I could keep an eye on companies in my empire that are offering jobs to citizens. I think that it is wonderful to have a resource such as this to help people find a position. It is a terrible position to be in if you are unemployed, and I hope that people take advantage of the job postings like this group.

GROUP 8: Natural Perfumery
- EXPLANATION: The Natural Perfumery group teaches about natural perfumes. I though that this was a very interesting group because it fights causes of animal cruelty. The processes used to make natural perfumes are kind to the Earth, which is very important to me, the after effects of the perfumes are also much less damaging than others.

GROUP 9: No More Animal Cruelty
- EXPLANATION: As a Buddhist, animals are near and dear to my heart. I truly believe that they deserve the respect that is due to human beings. I commend people who make efforts to protect the well being of animals. I make efforts in my empire to improve the lives of animals and teach people the ways of living in harmony with our fellow kin

GROUP 10: Zen Forum
- EXPLANATION: I joined this group because I am very eager to learn about all sects of Buddhism, even if I am not a member of them. I also find that groups such as this one are a great channel of communication. You are able to meet many people and discuss beliefs and much can be learned. I definitely support the spreading of Buddhism and like to observe the migration of beliefs worldwide.

QUIZ 1: Which Feeling are You?
- RESULTS Misty Secrecy
- EXPLANATION: I took this quiz to discover which feeling I represent. My result was misty secrecy which I find to be fitting to some extent. As emperor, I am a figure that may seen a bit mysterious to people. However, I do try to appear very personable and open to my people. I hope that they do not perceive me with a negative connotation of mystery.

QUIZ 2: What's Your inner element
- RESULTS The Heat of Fire

- EXPLANATION: I think that being told that my inner element is the heat of fire is definitely not a positive result in some ways. It depends on how it is looked at though. I think I do have flames of passion burning inside of me for aspects of life such as my Buddhist endeavors. I do not believe that this refers to a violent heat of fire, like the heat that would have applied to me earlier in my life as an emperor. If I took this then, I do not think I would have gotten the same result, and that is why I do not view it as negative for the most part.

QUIZ 3: How should You Spend Your Summer?
Soak up the SUN!!!
-You scored as someone who should really enjoy your summer being in the sun and never shading yourself! Get a tan, or be a little more confident! Shine like the Sun but aim for the stars!

EXPLANATION- I think that I received the result Soak up the Sun because as a ruler I am often in the spotlight. I need to assure myself an others of my confidence in this position by basking in it. There is no need to hide myself from the people. I must be open so that they trust me and always try my best to accomplish all that I am capable of.

QUIZ 4: Which type of Dream are You?
- RESULTS- "Out there" Dream.

- This result fits me in two ways. First, some people view me as being a bit out there. They say this because of my quick transition from being a cruel leader to being a peaceful Buddhist. The other reason is because I often have "out there" dreams from all the stress I have from my work.

QUIZ 5: What Type of Doodle are You?
- RESULTS- People (faces) You like learning new things. You are smart and kind. You work hard for what you want. You study people, watching their reactions and body language. You have a lot of determination.

- EXPLANATION This result fits me almost perfectly. I am definitely a people person and I do work hard for what I want. I pay attention to my people and do my best to represent their needs. I love to learn new things and broaden my horizons.