Empress Cixi
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Basic Information
  • Current City - Shanxi Province
  • Hometown - Shanxi Province
  • Sex - Female
  • Birthday - November 29th, 1835
  • Political Views - Rejected Reformist Ideas
  • Religious Views - Buddhist
  • Biography - Empress Cixi was born in the Shanxi Province on November 29th, 1835. This female empress wanted a bureaucracy for China, even though she was a Buddhist by heart. One of her favorite quotes was, “Whoever makes me unhappy for a day, I will make suffer a lifetime.” By this quote you can tell Empress Cixi did not let her feelings get in the way of her ruling power over her country of China. Her unique family name was spelled, Yehonala or Yehonera. Cixi was a minor concubine of the long ruling, Emperor Xianfeng. Cixi was one of two regents of Xianfeng’s son, Tongzhi. After the Emperor’s death, Tongzhi was put in power over the nation of China. Only 2 years after his ruling, he past away. He named his cousin, Guangxu, the new heir, but only after Guangzhou reached a mature enough stage to rule the land. Some are suspicious of Cixi because they think she had something to do with the murder of her son, Tongzhi. Others ignore this hypothesis because family ties in China at this time were very strong. Not much later, Cixi finally came to power as Empress of China. Cixi’s nephew, Guangxu had made his way to power. Cixi retired to the countryside, but she kept connection with the military and government through spies. When Guangxu started to add reforms to China, Cixi worked with the military to regain power as Empress. As Cixi was ruling, she supported the Boxer Rebellion to drive out foreigners. She accepted the peace offered by the foreigners when they stormed the Forbidden City and captured Beijing. Eventually, Cixi added the reforms to China that her nephew was going to put into China’s economic standards. After a long ruling, Empress Cixi died in 1908. In 1911, 3 years after Cixi had passed away, a book was written by Princess Der Ling, called Two Years in The Forbidden City.
  • Favorite Quotation - "Whoever makes m unhappy for a day, i will make suffer for a lifetime."

  • Mother - Ci'an Yehonala
  • Father - Huizheng Yehonala
  • Son - Tongzhi
  • Brothers/Sisters - None


  • Activities - Listening to live performances of Chinese Orchestras
  • Interests - Exploring, Hiking
  • Music - Classical Chinese Music
  • Books - Harry Potter Series, Twilight books
  • Movies - Twilight, The Last Samurai
  • Television - NCIS, CSI, Burn Notice

Education and Work
  • High School - N/a
  • College - N/a
  • Employer - Chinese Goverment



Group 1- Twilight Chat Group- Since Empress Cixi is older as an Empress, she cannot do as many physical activities. She joined the Twilight Chat Group because she loves the books. She cannot wait for the new movies to come out. She enjoys talking and relating the book to her life.

Group 2- Fitness News Group- Empress Cixi wants to keep in shape as she's entering her older age. She joined the Fitness Group to keep her ability to move about. The Fitness Group keeps her up - to - date on new excersises that she can preform. The fitness Group keeps the Empress feeling like she's younger and healthier, even at her older age.

Group 3- Weight Loss Support Group- Empress Cixi joined this group becuase she has recently put on a few pounds. This group supports her to go to her Fitness Group and do exercises on her own. Her nephew Guangxu was recommended for this as well. With the excersise she is doing, she can trim down 2 pants sizes!!

Group 4- Hiking Group- Empress Cixi joined the Hiking Group to keep her fitness up. This is just another add onof the Fitness Group. Her groupsall benefit each other in some similar way. The Hiking Group is also popular in China because of its vast geography.

Group 5- Gardening Group- As you may know, Their are many gardens in Empress Cixi's Forbidden City. This is why she joined the Gardening Group. This Group teaches her the skills needed to successfully plant flowers. Bonzai trees and smll shrubs are also included in the Gardening Club.

Group 6- Mountain Trails Group- This Group is one of Cixi's favorites. This Group is also very popular becuase of the rugged terrain in China. Cixi is often seen visiting Tibet to explore the mountains. Again, this group is also beneficial to her Fitness Group.

Group 7- Arts and Crafts Group- Cixi doesn't have a lot of free time, but when she does, she love to do arts and crafts. That's why she joined the Arts and Crafts Group. In this group, Maccaroni sculptures are the main craft. Painting is also taught in this group.

Group 8- Flower Collecting Group- This group is very similar to the Gardening Group. Instead of planting the flowers, Cixi collects them. She often identifies the flowers she collects. After identifying them, she setches them in her notebook. She is able to do this from the Arts and Crafts Group.

Group 9- Karaoke Universe Group- Cixi's favorite group out of all 10 is the Karaoke Universe Group. Cixi and her realatives/nobles all have a once a month karaoke party.the public does not see or take part in this because it could ruin the reputation of the Chinese upperclass.

Group 10- Real Food 4 Real People Group- This is Cixi's second favorite group becuase food is her weakness. In this group, the Empress is able to learn new recipes to use in her state of the art kitchen. Her servants like this because they don't have to cook Cixi's meals. The fitness group really comes into play after the Real Food 4 Real People Club.


Quiz 1- Which Camp Acticity would you do best?
-Empress Cixi's best camp ctivity would be lunch. She loves to eat so the match is perfect. This also relates to her groups. The Real Food 4 Real Peple Group is an expltion of why her best camp activity would be lunch.

Quiz 2- What kind of novel are you?
-Classic Englih novel bst fits Empress Cixi. I think this is because she likes traditional, slow music. She also likes classic movies and books. Cixi doesn't like books with a modern or contemporary setting. The classic English Novewl fits her well.

Quiz 3- Which feeling are you?
-Cixi is the feeling of Bohemian Lush. I blieve this becuase she puts others before herself. She also is very cheerful and has a bubbly personality. Others envy Ccixi because of her great attitude and her high class ranking. .

Quiz 4- Which Era are you from?
Empress is an 80's era. She loves puffy hair more than she loves her own hair. She also likes different colors mixed together. Overall, Empress Cixi would go and live in the 80's more than any other era if she was able to.

Quiz 5- What random summer item are you?
Empress Cixi is most likely a sundial. This is an instrument to tell what time it is using the sun. Empress Cixi was very intelligent as a little girl. What makes her perfect for a sundail is that she doesn't like summer to much, but she loves to learn and do new things.

Person of similarity- A Person very similar to Empress Cixi is Indira Ghandi. Both of these people are female leaders. Indira resided in east Asia as did Empress Cixi. A very specific example that ties these two together is the fact that after a male died in each of their amilies, they were both chosen to replace each male as a leader/ruler of the country.

Person of difference- One of the most different people from Empress Cixi is Kim Jong Il. For starters, they were born in different centuries which makes their view of the world very different. They are also plainly different genders which is a huge difference on its own. Their political views are also different. Kim Jong Il believs in Marxism while Cixi rejected reformist ideas. This can lead to different success rates of each country.