Eva Peron

By: Parker Williams

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Basic Information:
  • Born- May 7, 1919
  • Current City-Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Died- July 26, 1952
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Sex- Female
  • Hometown- Los Toldos, Argentina
  • Political Views: Justicialist
  • Religious Views: Roman Catholic
She grew up very poor with five brothers and sisters, a mother, and no father. They all lived in a one-room shack.Eva's mother did not send her to school, but made her work in kitchens of rich families.Eva moved to Buenos Aires when she was 16 to become an actress and she made a few films and worked in radio.In 1945, Eva met the minister of War, Juan Peron. They were married in a year and she helped him run for the presidency in 1946. They won.As the First Lady, Eva started her own foundation that built hundreds of schools and hospitals in Argentina. Eva was an advocate for the education of women. She also helped the poor workers of Argentina gain a voice and respect in the country that previously denied them.Although Evita was the wife of the President, she was considered by many to be a politician. There had never been a female politician in Argentina before. She accepted her poor past and reached out to the descamisados (the shirtless ones). During her husband's term she did all she could for them.In spite of the fact that she never officially held any government post, she performed as Minister of Health and Labor because of her own persistance. Evita had a short-lived political life. She was active for four years of her husband's term but was diagnosed with cancer in 1950, and died in July of 1951. She did this at a time when the place of the woman was in the home, not behind a desk. Even after her death Evita remains loved my many in Argentina.
Favorite Quotations
"A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”
“A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.”
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”
Father- Juan Duarte
Mother- Doña Juana
Sons- None
Daughters- None
Brothers- 4
Sisters- 1
Activities: Fencing, horseback riding, sailing, political arguments, Traveling, helping the poor.
Interests: Politics, poverty, education, family, nationalism.
Music: Milonga, World, Acoustic, Tango, Habanera, Flamenco, and Italian Folk Music.
Books: Society of the Spectacle,Moving Millions: How Coyote Capitalism Fuels Global Immigration,I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank "the Irishman" Sheeran and Closing the Case on Jimmy Hoffa

  • A dios momo
  • A las cinco en punto
  • A pesar de todo
  • Acratas
  • Alguien debe morir
Television: After Dark, Alternative Views, The Amazing Mrs Pritchard, The Andrew Marr Show, Television:Absolute Power (comedy)
High School- N/A
College- N/A
Employer- Commonwealth of Argentina

Pictures: Eva And Juan

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Evas Hometown:

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Eva Herself:

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NoExcuseWorkOut- I chose this group because no matter what Eva never gave up. She was a poor girl so her early life was a struggle and she did not make excuses or complain. also she was a woman, but she did not let that stop her from being the first women politician. So i though the no excuse group was appropriate.

BANewcomers- The BANewcomers represents the Buenos Aires Newcomers. Eva would join this group because she lived in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. sHe would join this group to receive updates on the various facts regarding Buenos Aires, and activities happening in the area. Eva was the presidents wife so everyone in Argentina knew her.

3. Argentine-Tango- Eva was enjoyed dancing, especially the Tango, which was made popular in Argentina during the early 1900's. She would of liked this group as it updated new forms and variations of the dance and genres similar to this dance. Another reason she would have benefited from this group was that it provided songs and recommendations that would appeal to a member. She could use this to find and practice new forms of the Tango to newer songs produced recently.

4. HorseBackRidersClub- Eva would have joined this group because she loved to ride horses. she owned horses and was an avid rider. she did not get to ride much once Juan was president and they became busy, but she always loved horses. this groups keeps updated with riding tips and good trails to ride.

5. Martial_Arts_History- Eva would have loved this group because herself and her husband both enjoyed fencing very much. She would talk to fellow fencers and athletes that enjoy her interest in the sport. She could find people to compete with, and things of that nature. So i believe Eva would enjoy the martial arts club very much.

6.Air_Alliance_Travels- Eva enjoyed traveling around the world. since this group is on traveling she would fit right in. also it could give her good ideas as to where to go next. she also could post the places she has been.

7.SailingOnline- I chose this group for many reasons. One is that Eva was a experienced sailor he loved sailing around Latin America. She would have liked to read about peoples trips and journeys. also she could read about boats and post images of her boats and travels so others could partake in her journeys,

8.Libros-Historia-Argentina - This group is one that describes important historical dates and descriptions of Argentina. In addition, the group offers recommendations on popular or insightful books that would enlighten most readers. Eva could use this group by looking up important events in Argentina's history to assist her in creating new laws to protect the population. Furthermore, Eva could use the books to provide evidence in a bill or law that was challenged or called into question. This group would be very insightful to Eva as it provides a legitimate resource that could prove valuable in her work.

9.South of the Border- This group is specifically about the historical facts as well as the current events happening and affecting South America. This would be of interest to Eva who was the President of Argentina's wife, which is located in South America. Being the President of Argentina's wife, eva would need to be informed on the events happening around her country and what effects they might have on Argentina. One characteristic of a great leader is one who is informed, and current with the news. This group would provide Eva with this characteristic helping her come the leader she kept striving to be.

10. ArgentineAmazons- Eva would have found interesting details in this group because it spotlights famous Argentinian women. Eva later became a incredibly popular First Lady of Argentina. She wanted to implement many democratic policies into Argentina when Juan was moving closer towards a more totalitarian state. She created a balance to Juan's power by offsetting some of his more controlling policies. In addition, Eva would have appreciated this group for it highlighted other women in Argentina, and she vouched for Woman's Rights in Argentina.
What Time of Day are You? Result=Dawn
I believe this fits Eva very well. she was calm and nice like dawn, and she was also somewhat laid back which is just like dawn. she seemed like she would not have been shy though, which is the only way she differs from the dawn.

What Type of novel are you? Result=Romance
I believe this fits Eva very well also. i believe she was probably romantic when she was busy with work. she was married and they had a long and strong marriage so both of them must have been very good spouses and were probably both romantic.

What type of dance are you? Result=Ballet
This is pretty accurate for eva in many ways. Ballet is described as being beautiful on the inside and out, which is what Eva was. Also its an extremely popular dance and Eva was very popular in her country. So as you can see Eva and Ballet are pretty similar.

What type of super power would you have? Result- Akasha
After taking this quiz about magic powers in Eva's image, the power of Akasha was projected. This power is described in many senses as having uncanny knowledge and the ability to tap into philosophical thoughts. This power does represent Eva as she used her knowledge and power to gain the popularity of her country folk, and eventually become the wife of the President of Argentina.

5. Which type of feeling are you? Result- Misty Secrecy
I took this quiz with eva in mind, but i don't believe the results were very good. it says she was secrecy, which as far as i can tell is not true. if she was secretive she would not have been as popular as she was. i believe the reason she was so popular was because she was so open and dedicated toward her people.

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