Frederik Willem de Klerk

- Basic Information
o Current City: Cape Town, South Africa
o Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: March 18, 1936
o Political Views: called for a nonracist country and ended apartheid
o Religious Views: Christian (is a member of the Reformed Dutch Church)
o Bio: F.W. de Klerk was born Frederik Willem de Klerk in 1936. He grew up surrounded by politics, with both his father and grandfather in high political offices. He graduated Potchefstroom University 1958 as a lawyer. In 1969, he married Marike Willemse. Later, he had three children with Marike: a son and two daughters. Even though FW became an attorney, he always kept up with politics. He was offered a very high chair as a lawyer of his alma mater, but turned it down in favor for becoming a Member of Parliament for Vereeniging in November of 1972. This is where is life as an apartheid hero began-a year to go down in history. Serving many offices in the government, Klerk rose in political ranks. In September of 1989, he became the state president. Great changes were ahead. Meanwhile, the aparthei was growing worse and worse by the second. Klerk would have none of this. He began immediate reform. His hope was to create a suitable place for negotiations. These negotiations, hopefully, would end apartheid. He wanted a completely new constitution, based on one thing: one person equals one vote. In December of 1989, he met with Nelson Mandela, the incarcerated leader of the African National Country, or ANC. De Klrk then lifted the existing ban of the ANC, the South African Communist Party, and the Pan Africanist Congress. On February 11, Nelson Mandela was considered a free man. The end of apartheid and the start of a democracy had finally come. In 1993, both De Klerk and Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize for their reforms and change for the good in the country of South America. In 1997, de Klerk retired from politics and began a foundation dedicated to his beloved Africans.

o Favorite Quotations:
  • "There is no way to peace, peace is the way." -A.J. Muste
  • "Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but means by which we arrive at that goal." -Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • "Peace does not fare well where poverty and deprivation reign. It does not flourish where there is ignorance and a lack of education and information. Repression, injustice, and exploitation are inimical with peace. Peace is gravely threatened by inter-group fear and envy and by the unleashing of unrealistic expectations. Racial, class and religious intolerance and prejudice are its mortal enemies." -F.W. de Klerk
  • "Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just." -Blaise Pascal
  • "Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

- Relationships

o Mother: Corrie Coetzer
o Father: Jan de Klerk
o Daughters: one (name unknown)
o Sons: two (names unknown)
o Brothers: Willem de Klerk
o Sisters: none
- Likes and Interest
o Activities: reading and learning, debating
o Interests:politics, law
o Music: traditional African
o Books: The Last Trek, and A Man in His Time (both biographies)
o Movies: Swing Vote, Slumdog Millionaire, Crash
o Television: Law & Order, any presidential speeches
- Education and Work
o High School: Monument High School
o College/University: Potchestroom University
o Employer: the government

Photos (15 photos; 5 in each album)
ALBUM 1: Nobel Peace Prize



ALBUM 2: With Nelson Mandela

ALBUM 3: FW de Klerk



GROUP 1: EAcircle
- EXPLANATION: This group is dedicated to converse with others about matters of interest to Africans, as well as everyone else.
GROUP 2: Africa_Union
- EXPLANATION: Devoted to unifying Africans, this group promotes the development of Africa.
GROUP 3: pravs
- EXPLANATION: This group inspires peace through quotes.
GROUP 4: world_peae_movement

- EXPLANATION: This group promotes as well as works towards world peace through discussion.
GROUP 5: HaitiConnexion
- EXPLANATION: This group is devoted to helping Haiti, all prejudices from both parties aside.
GROUP 6: NIgerianWorldForum
- EXPLANATION: This a strict no-prejudice forum dedicated to solving problems in Nigeria.
GROUP 7: MacLaw
- EXPLANATION: A forum devoted to lawyers
GROUP 8: Democracy_Human_Rights
- EXPLANATION: Forum dedicated to enforcing human rights around the world
GROUP 9: WorldYouth
- EXPLANATION: An organization based on human rights
GROUP 10: homesicksouthafricans
- EXPLANATION: a forum to give peace-of-mind to all South Africans that miss home


QUIZ 1: What's your magic power?
- RESULTS: earth
- EXPLANATION: very caring perso
QUIZ 2: Which cartoon are you?
- RESULTS: no cartoon at all
- EXPLANATION: too serious
QUIZ 3: Which era are you from?
- RESULTS: this one
- EXPLANATION: like the idea of a modern world
QUIZ 4: Harry Potter sorting hat
- RESULTS: Gryffindor
- EXPLANATION: dedicated to work and education
QUIZ 5: What type of doodle are you?
- RESULTS : people (faces)
- EXPLANATION: serious