Saddam Hussein
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- Basic Information
  • Current City: N/A
  • Hometown: Tikrt, Iraq
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthday: April 28, 1937
  • Political Views: Ba'th Party
  • Religious Views: Sunni Islam
  • Bio: Saddam Hussein was born on April 28, 1937 into the penury of a herding family. He soon moved to Baghdad to live with his uncle, Kharaillah Tulfah, and study at high schools in the city. Saddam then joined the Ba’th party. He opposed the new government that came to power in the 1960s. Saddam attended the Baghdad Law College when the Ba’thists took power and soon after the ba’thists were overthrown causing him to spend several years in jail. He escaped to become a leader of the Ba’th Party helped bring the party back into power.

He then became chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council and prime minister. In 1979 he became the President of Iraq and turned into a dictator. During his rule he caused many wars in surrounding countries especially Iran. Saddam wanted to gain more oil so he tried to take over the exports in neighboring countries. He was also involved in conflict with Kuwait and the Persian Gulf War. The UN wanted Saddam to withdraw the countries weapons of mass destruction but he resisted. In 2003, President George Bush ordered him to step down from office and leave Iraq but he failed to do so. This caused the U.S. and allied forces launched an attack on Iraq.

He then went into hiding to evade being captured by US troops. He hid out in many areas but was soon found. In October of 2005 Saddam was put on trial in from of the Iraqi High Tribunal. He was tried for multiple offenses including willful killing, illegal imprisonment, deportation, and torture. In the end he was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. After the sentence was upheld by another court he was executed in December 2006. Over all, Saddam Hussein was a fierce leader that ultimately lead the country to devastation and destruction.

  • Favorite Quotations:
"If they fear you, they will respect you. If they love you, they might respect you. But if they don't fear you, they'll never love you or respect you and they don't have to!"- Sun Tzu
- Relationships
  • Mother: Subha Tulfah al-Mulsallat
  • Father: Ibrahim al-Hassan (stepfather), Hussein al-Majid
  • Daughters: Raghad Hussein, Rana Hussein, Hala Hussein
  • Sons: Uday Hussein, Qusay Hussein
  • Brothers: Barzan Ibrahim (half-brother), Watban Ibrahim (half-brother), Sabawi Ibrahim (half- brother)
  • Sisters: None
- Likes and Interest
  • Activities: Leading wars, causing conflict in surrounding countries
  • Interests: Weaponry, imperialism, dictatorship
  • Music: Screamo, rock, "Another One Bites the Dust" - Queen, "Smooth Criminal" - Michael Jackson
  • Books: The Art of War -Sun Tzu
  • Movies: "World Trade Center", "Live From Baghdad"
  • Television: Islam Channel
- Education and Work
  • High School: a Baghdad High School
  • College/University: Cairo Law School, University of Baghdad
  • Employer: Ba'th party, Iraqi Government

ALBUM 1: Saddam Hussein as President
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ALBUM 2: Saddam on War Front
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ALBUM 3: Capture and Execution
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GROUP 1: Iraq War News
- Saddam would join this group to stay up-to-date on information about the war. The Iraq war had many ups and downs and Saddam could use this group as a was to attain information. He could find out whether Iraq was making progress or not. He could use this group to suggest his own thoughts and knowledge of the war.
The Global Kerala Sunni Network Group
- This group would have interested Saddam Hussein because his religious views were Sunni Islamic. The group is provided to
exchange the knowledge, share ideas and news of Muslim Kerala and Islamic World. Saddam could interact with people of similar religious views and share his thoughts. He could connect with people in his own religion.
GROUP 3:Open Islamic Community
- Saddam would have joined this group because it is an open forum on Islamic perspective. He could contribute his own ideals to the page. Saddam also was very opinionated to a group similar to this one is a perfect outlet for his thoughts. The group also creates a place to see how others see this faith.
GROUP 4: Baghdad
- Because Baghdad is the location of Saddam's youth he is very connected to this place. Also, being the president on Iraq gives him reason to want to see a group about this city. The group provides a wealth of Baghdad information. Saddam would have joined it because he resided there for most of his life.
GROUP 5: The Saddam Club
- This group is a Saddam Hussein fan club. The group almost satires his ways or leadership and violence but shows loyalty to him. Saddam would have joined this group because it is about him. Being a leader it is important to appeal to people so this group shows that even though he tortured many he appealed to some.
GROUP 6: Iraq the War
- Saddam would have joined this group because he was so heavily involved in the Iraq war. Because Saddam was a main cause in the Iraq war he would want to learn about information in the war. He would want to see how the war progresses over time. Saddam also would want to see other's opinions on the war.
GROUP 7: United For Iraqi Freedom
- This group would be joined by Saddam because he was a cause in suppressing Iraqis. He would need to join this group to see what Iraq is thinking. The group is a look into how the people feel and this could have helped Saddam. He could use it to form his own opinions.
GROUP 8: Iraq Revolutionary
- This group supports the Iraqi Resistance and Saddam Hussein. He is directly linked to this group. He would have to join to see how his people feel and how they support him. The group is an effort to show him they are loyal.
GROUP 9: Iraq Invasion
- This group describes the Iraq invasion as well as Saddam's capture. The group would be of good knowledge to Saddam and since it is about him he would join it. The group also mentions the violent scandals that were caused by Saddam. The group would help to show him the horrible things that were done.
GROUP 10: Saddam Hussein
- This group is an in-depth description of Saddam himself. He would join the group to see who is creating it. He would check to verify that everything is correct. Saddam may also want to see how people feel about him.

QUIZ 1: Which Feeling Are You?
- Result:"You don't care what other people think, say or do. You're just an independent person who love living life at it's fullest extreme. You would be a good politician as you are very good at debating."

- The results suit Saddam because he is very violent and put his people through tough times. Although he is violent he also good at debating. He is a politician. So, the quiz was accurate.
QUIZ 2: Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

-Result:"Slytherin You got the house most often associated with Voldemort. Well, not everyone is bad in here, though most are, and you probably are, and even if you weren't people would label you as such... anyway, you get the picture."

- The results of the quiz show that Saddam Hussein was not humane in his dealings with people. During wartime he was harsh and tortuous. Saddam did not respect people. He only wanted power similar to a member of Slytherin.
QUIZ 3: Personality Quiz
- Result: "
Others see you as someone they should "handle with care."You're seen as vain, self- centered, and one who is extremely dominant. Others may admire you, wishing they could be more like you, but don't always trust you, hesitating to become too deeply involved with you."
- The results of the quiz show that Saddam Hussein was a dominating man that cared little about others. The quiz accurately portrays his traits. He was not concerned with others feelings. The result was accurate.
QUIZ 4:What kind of novel are you?
- Result: "Science Fiction & Fantasy: You live in a continuous dream. I don't know if your suspicions justified or not, but if you have evidence, please warn me."
- This quiz result shows that Saddam was never always aware of his actions. He was a horrendous leader and the quiz portrays that. In science fiction there can be death and destruction. Saddam brought both of those to his country.
QUIZ 5: What type of weather are you?
- Result: Thunderstorm:
Your internal weather forecast shows high winds, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. You seem to be a moody and angry person. While it's good to express your anger, you may not be doing it in the best way. It is unhealthy to be so mad and irritable all the time. When you're mad, everyone knows it, and many run for cover. Try finding new outlets for all this anger. But don't feel too bad. Just as the skies can be very beautiful after a storm, so too can you change. There is hope for you yet, and whether you know it or not, there are many who would be willing to help you in your time of need.
- The result showed that Saddam was a varying man. He caused change and destruction. The accurate result showed that he effected others lives. He also caused new growth when he left, just like a storm.

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