Pope John Paul I

The "Smiling" Pope

- Basic Information
o Current City: (buried) Vatican City
o Hometown
: Forno d'Canale in Belluno Italy
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: October 17th 1912
o Political Views: Conservative
o Religious Views: Roman Catholic
o Bio:
John Paul I was pope for 34 days in 1978, making his the shortest pontificates of modern times. His original name was Albino Licianipope and he grew up in Italy in a poor family with his father a craftsman. This knowledge helped him gain necessary experience with dealing with the poor. He studied at a local seminary and did the required military service before being ordained in 1935. He did doctoral studies at the Gregorian University and started teaching and was known as an excellent teacher. He took a great interest in literature, specifically American literature and the works of Mark Twain and Charles Dickens. A group of people speculated that he would have gone into journalism if he could have. He had health problems his whole life however nothing was considered fatal. He was made a Bishop of the city of Veneto is December of 1958. In 1969 he became archbishop by the Pope himself which was considered a great honor and highly unusual. He was later promoted to cardinal in 1973. In 1978 he was elected Pope in one of the largest elections that ever took place. He was a dark horse because no one excepted him to win. He took the name John Paul after the previous two popes in an attempted to give the image of continuing the line and a smooth transition. He started outlining his plans for Pope and talked to many journalists and held a press conference. He held their interest with his great plans and was especially followed because of his tendency to stay out of the spotlight before he became pope. However he had a heart attack just 34 days into his service. It was unexpected and some think he was murdered because he was going to examine the Vatican bank and make necessary reforms. However, none of this is proved and it is just speculation.

o Favorite Quotations:
“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”
- C. S Lewis

“A religious man is a person who holds God and Man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair” – Abraham J. Heschel

“Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair.”
-Gilbert K. Chesterson

- Relationships
o Mother: Bortola Tancon
o Father: Giovanni Luciani
o Daughters: None
o Sons: None
o Brothers: Federico, Edoardo
o Sisters: Antonia
Likes and Interest
o Activities: Praying, Walking, Public Speaking, Teaching
o Interests: God, Seminarian life, Education
o Music: Gregorian, Clair de Lune, Arrigo Borito
o Books: Bible, Mere Christianity by C S Lewis, The Narnia Chronicles by C S Lewis, Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.
o Movies:
None(see reason below: if it were possible, I think he would have watched Lost for the sake of analysis of the modern "purgatory")
o Television: None(during the first 20 years of life telision was not avialible to the individual and after that he lived a structured life in a seminary and wouldn't watch television or movies. If he had time, I think he would have liked the movie adaption of Tom Sawyer.)
Education and Work
o High School: Minor seminary of Feltre and major seminary of Belluno.
o College/University: Pontifical Georgian Univerity
o Employer: Belluno seminary and Vatican.


Album 1: Life as Pope

Pope John Paul I with Bible

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Cross and robe

ALBUM 2: Remembering

Location of burial

Coin made in remembrance


ALBUM 3: A visit to Vatican City
Vatican City Outside

Inside Basilica

Original Basillica

Map of city

Groups GROUP 1: Catholic Curriculum Swap Pope John Paul I joined this group because he wanted to see the Catholic knowledge and events that were going on. He also wanted to connect with more people in the Catholic community. He also wanted to make sure no false information was being spread. Joining this group was both a social thing and something he wanted to do for the sake of accurate knowledge. He would be concerned about information being correct because of his time as a teacher and his position. GROUP 2: Minters of the Gospel Online Since John Paul I worked from a seminarian to priest to cardinal and finally to pope he is familiar with the ministries of faith. This group is described as a place for all people called to any ministry. Since John Paul I is was the Pope, it is only fitting he join. He also taught in a seminary to encourage other people of faith and guide them to filling their life with God. This group could be a throw back to that, since he enjoys mentoring people but can’t while fulfilling his duties as Pope. GROUP 3: Church Music - Although his probable favorite music was a mix of more traditional religious music, classical and Italian popular music, as head of the Catholic church he would have needed to see the evolutions of modern music. Since this is the music current Christians listen to, it would be both a place to learn and connect with other Christians. This music could also be used as a playlist while the Pope walked. He may have also wanted to select more modern music for his funeral and this could have some of that. GROUP 4: Nordic Walking Community This community is for people who walk recreationally. Although it is never stated that Pope John Paul I walked as a sport, he was concerned with keeping up his health. This community helps outline the benefits of walking and he may have been interested in that. It also lists events so that when the Pope has a little bit of time, however unlikely, he could have gone to a walking event. The Nordic walking part of the site was to do with a technique of walking with ski poles and this could have interested him because of the ability to participate in this if health is a problem. GROUP 5: Adoption Parenting The adoptive parents community would have been interesting to John Paul I first because he was born to his parents and liked to learn about things different from his own circumstance, as seen when he was in school. The Catholic church also supports adoption as an alternative to abortion. He could have joined and offered advice of spiritual support. He enjoyed public speaking so that would have been something he would have done. GROUP 6: WWWEDU - This internet based community has to do with education and the world wide web. He would have joined this because of his interest in teaching and education. He would be able to keep updated both at convenience and in a modernized way. He could use this to reach a wider audience which is something he was always interested in doing. GROUP 7: Sudoku World - Nothing is specifically mentioned about Pope John Paul I’s interest in Sudoku however he was very gifted in school and loved an intellectual challenge. This connects member to more intellectually stimulating puzzles and other challenges. Another attraction of this group is the international aspect. He could use this to connect with people. Also, since it specifically acknowledges Italy, he would be happy to join this group. GROUP 8: Librie Letteratura - This is an Italian regional group that translates into “Books, Literature and the art of writing”. He lives in Italy so he would look under the listings there first so joining this group would be likely. He was an educator for some time and got his doctorate. His interest in reading was known to those who studied under him or who he studied under. Making local connections with intellectuals would probably be an interest of his. GROUP 9: Nice Friends - This group found through the Italy regional section is for making friends. Since Pope John Paul had various duties, he may not have been able to go make friends in person. If he had been a part of this group, that process would have been a little easier. Also, the people who are part of these groups are normally looking for something in their life they don’t have. Pope John Paul liked spreading the faith and may have used this as an opportunity for people he saw in need. GROUP 10: NSM World - Pope John Paul I’s father was a socialist. Although he did not personally follow in the foot steps of his father, he was exposed to this at a young age. His inquisitive mind would have caused him to join to learn more about his father’s views. He also may be able to relate to the members the way he did to his father and share his father’s mindset. His father supported his son’s differing views.


Which Feeling Are You

Misty Secrecy
You're a very secret type of person, so naturally the Misty Secrecy feeling would suit you best. You're an observer and people want to find out more about you which leaves them fascinated. If you ever think badly of yourself, don't because people respect you and know not to mess with you. ROCK ON!!!

This makes sense because the Pope observed and prayer for a large portion of his life. Also, controversy and secrecy surrounds his death. Many people respect the pope, just like this result says. Many books have been written about the Pope which supports the people wanting to find out more about him.

What Kind of Novel are You?

Classic English Novel
You live your classic English novel. Your rules are simple, and if ignored the result is complicated

Pope John Paul I would take this quiz because he liked learning and reading. He would get the classic English novel because that is something that intellectuals read as part of an education. He does have seemingly simple rules to follow as a Pope, but becoming corrupted or messing up would cause an uproar or complicated results. He also has the classic look because the attire of Popes has been passed down from generations.

What Time of Day are You?

You are rather conventional, obvious even but your bubbly, happy and decent spirit makes you a nice friend you probably are miss popular because your warm spirit makes inflectionally likeable.

Pope John Paul is like Noon because it’s time in the sky is short lived, just like the time the Pope was in power was short. It is also very warm, like the Pope’s personality. People lie out in the sun to get a dark tan at noon because the light is strong just like even thought the pope’s time was short, his influence in history was strong.
He is also conventional and his views are stated through the church so they are “obvious”.

What Type of Doodle are You?

People (faces)
You like learning new things. You are smart and kind. You work hard for what you want. You study people, watching their reactions and body language. You have a lot of determination.

This quiz might be taken by Pope John Paul I because he wanted to find out if he could be more creative than academic since he likes new perspectives. The result supports his personality when he was a student and teacher. His job as pope requires him to learn about new people. He was determined to stay healthy and do a good job as Pope even though this did not work out.

You're no cartoon at all.'

Coming up as not matching one thing means that just like the Pope this quiz showed people can be well rounded and unique. The Pope’s situation was unique since he was Pope for the shortest amount of time in history. He also shows interest in academics, health and religion. His father and he has very different views. His mixed bag of traits wouldn’t fit to any one cartoon.